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Revised DisTalk Radio Schedule
I’m excited to announce that the space I left open last week in the new DisTalk Radio schedule posted last week will be filled by classic episodes of the Disney Film Project Podcast. We’ve got access to their full back catalog, and we’ll be running DFPP shows in two separate blocks. There will be a “Friday Night at the Movies” block and then a “Saturday Matinee” block. Each block will be pulling from a different set of classic DFPP episodes.

Now that the schedule is all filled out, at least for the time being, watch for various special events and contests to start popping up. In the future, we may hold “guess the theme” contests, inviting listeners to guess the thematic grouping of a particular set of shows running in one of the DFPP blocks – or really any of our programming blocks.

This is just the beginning for DisTalk Radio, and we’re excited about the direction we’re headed. We hope you are too!